Permanent quality control by our industrial pharmacist, clinical pharmacist and two dieticians:

- Controls on and weighing of all starting materials delivered

- Controls on mixtures and checks on total weight obtained

- In-process, individual weighing of tablets and capsules

- Tests on hardness, disintegration and friability of tablets

- Tests on blister air-tightness

- Validation of production by the Head Pharmacist

- Elaboration of batch master record in compliance with GMP (traceability of manufacturing and packaging operations)

- Compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, as well as with HACCP standards.

- Procedures defined concerning the flow of materials within the manufacturing zone and compliance with FIFO (first in, first out) at weighing.

- Procedures described in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

- Cold room for the storage of probiotics (amongst other products), before and directly after manufacture, iin order to guarantee product quality.


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